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About Us

Unigen Pharma – is a certified biopharmaceutical company established in 2018. We produce high-quality pharmacological products, namely, performance-enhancing drugs, which are in great demand in sports.

All our manufacturing facilities are located in Germany. More than 130 professionals — chemists, medical workers, engineers, and mechanics — work in our laboratories, using new modern equipment. We regularly invest in research, introduce innovative technologies in manufacture and at the same time rely on the many years of experience of our predecessors, which allows us to achieve consistently high-quality products.

Unigen Pharma factory and its manufacture facilities are fully compliant with the international GMP standard.

We sell pharmaceutical products worldwide, supplying them to the countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe and the United States.

Goals and look to the future

Our main goal is to improve the quality of life of people who prefer an active lifestyle, desire to reach their high physical potential and enjoy life to the fullest. We want to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

And we do it by producing safe and high-quality products which make people’s lives better.

Even at the time of opening the company, we were thinking about further growth, so manufacturing can be scaled depending on the needs of our customers.

Today, production volumes are already increasing, which makes it possible to expand sales markets.

Therefore, our goals for the future are to declare ourselves as an international company with great growth prospects, which implements high-quality performance-enhancing drugs and provides the best service.


We are manufacturers with our own manufacturing base, laboratory and quality control department
We produce high-quality drugs – pure peptides and steroids to increase performance
We provide a personal manager who accompanies you throughout the purchase
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